PlatformE founders José Neves from Farfetch and Ben Demiri and Gonçalo Cruz

Born from the idea of José Neves, PlatformE was originally a platform dubbed MySwear which helped customize sneakers for his brand Swear. After the success of MySwear, we built the best technological stack for 3D product composition and customization, and supply chain technology to make on-demand fashion possible.

After understanding that the set of tools and software would be useful for the industry as a whole, we created Ripe Productions, and started partnering with brands, factories, and retailers beginning in 2016.

Backed by TLF Ventures, Amorim, and Natalie Massenet, we launched a B2B tech platform to serve the fashion industry and later changed the name to PlatformE. In 2017, PlatformE joined the two major luxury groups LVMH and Kering, serving more than 20 brands, like Hermès, Dior, Gucci, Fendi and Farfetch.

Between 2019 and 2020, we launched DDIGITT, a digital agency specializing in 3D Digital Product Creation (3DPC) and animation, and SKINVADERS, a next-generation platform for in-game branded skins and in-game digital assets at scale that is connecting brands with the metaverse.

In recent years, we've built a global network of digitally savvy factories, ready to produce on-demand in record time. In addition, we have partnered with Houspring to build the factory of the future in the North of Portugal.


We are dedicated to drastically reducing overproduction and waste in the fashion industry.


Being the world's leading software platform powering on-demand, inventory-less business models.


Seek global impact
Do world-class work
Prioritize sustainability
Respect all