We’re on a mission to drastically reduce overproduction and waste in the fashion industry.

PlatformE was founded to help Fashion brands sell to digital consumers in this evolving world and produce products in precise quantities.

We welcome Fashion to the Industry 5.0

After extensive research we built the best technological stack using 3D product visualization, 3D product configuration, and supply chain technology to make on-demand fashion possible.
We welcome Fashion to the Industry 5.0

we set out to build the best product personalization experience that connected complex sales and design processes for a shoe brand that build and sell highly configurable products.

Backed by TLF Ventures, Amorim and Natalie Massenet the team launched a B2B tech platform to serve the Fashion Industry and later changed the name to PlatformE.

PlatformE enters the two major luxury groups LVMH and Kering, serving more than 20 brands.

PlatformE launches DDIGITT - a digital powerhouse for 3D product creation and 3D strategy implementation that later became the network for best-in-class 3D talent.

And SKINVADERS - a platform for branded skins, in-game digital assets at scale.

PlatformE bets in extending its capacity to the supply chain. The company acquires Springkode to accelerate the connection between brands and digital-ready manufacturers and spearhead Industry 5.0.

Today, we know the sustainable impact and convergence of 3D, personalization, customization, made-to-order and the value of eliminating the silos between sales, engineering, and manufacturing.

Our team has a deep understanding of Fashion business processes, from design, retail to manufacturing.

The reason that we exist and thrive is our focus on making the selling and manufacturing of complex products easy. We provide our client’s customer base an unparalleled shopping experience, while integrating and providing full visibility of other processes, stakeholders, and systems.

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Fashion’s leap into the future