Make It  Customizable:

A Guide To Produce Only What You Sell

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Empower your customers to make your products their own

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Create a new value proposition, enhance the consumer experience and increase consumer engagement.

Customization has been a centerpiece of the fashion industry for a long time, although only accessible to very few. Once a privilege of the very wealthy, personalized products is currently becoming accessible to the masses.

Scaling customisation

»   0x faster turnaround from design to production
»   Exercise much greater control over manufacturing
»   0 Days from Order Confirmation at point-of-sale to Production Order at the factory

Streamline 3D design

»  Go from on-demand fulfillment to end-consumer in 5-7 days
»  100% traceability and visibility of production status  
»  100% of items selling at full-price

Reducing inventory to zero

»  85% less money invested in inventory
»  0% End-of-season stock of finished goods
»  42% price uplift AOV (due to custom orders)