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Can PlatformE technology for made-to-order be integrated on my e-commerce platform?


Yes! Our technology ecosystem can be easily integrated to e-commerce platforms, like Shopify.

We also offer our SDK so you can have a toolkit to help your business leverage a lot of the logic implementations and UX components for MTO retail experiences. Our API has everything you need to integrate PlatformE tech stack with third parties

How long does PlatformE take to help me start selling personalized products on my e-commerce?


In just 3-4 weeks, PlatformE will help you start selling customized goods. Customization opens a world of possibilities for your shop, allowing customers to experiment with a variety of designs, graphics, fabrics, colors, and more, before any physical product is made.

PlatformE White, Green and Bridge are simple, brandable product personalization interface for e-commerce that allow you to start selling customizable products on the fly.

Is PlatformE a 3D agency?


No. PlatformE is a technology company offering a platform that orchestrate made-to-order production for the Fashion Industry - streamlining e-fashion (3D Fashion) from point-of-sales (POS) to production.

As e-Fashion is key to scale on-demand operations, we do have an in-house team of first-class 3D artists that works on taking our clients products to the next level, helping brands to create true-to-life 3D products for consumer-facing experiences. Alongside this service, PlatformE offers consultancy to brands interested on implementing 3D Digital Product Creation strategies.

PlatformE is the holding company for DDIGITT - the world’s best talent pool of 3D Designers from all over the world - bringing the necessary 3D fundamentals to support Fashion's digitization processes, ultimately bringing more agility and sustainability to every business.

Can PlatformE help me find the best suppliers for on-demand Fashion?


Sure! PlatformE is well connected with a network of digital-savvy factories that are able to produce garments and accessories on-demand - these can be personalized individual products to small-batch productions.
We have a dedicated team of industrial engineers that will work with you guiding your business with the best-practices to implement on-demand manufacturing in the most time and cost-efficient way.
Our Pulse and Robin tech solutions work on the level of the factory floor helping your brand with full visibility and traceability of the whole on-demand operation.

How does PlatformE pricing works?


1 - First, schedule an appointment to meet with our team: We will start by getting a sense of your company's needs and then walk you through how the platform will help you solve your problems.
2 - We scope your project: Following our initial call, we will give you a brief checklist to learn more about your project, including how many items you're interested in offering, the type of visualization and MTO experience you want, the integrations you need, and your estimated timeline and budget.
3 - We present you the best quote: We will set up a pricing meeting to go over the specifics of your quote to make sure we have covered all of your project's requirements. You will be able to see how expenses are broken down in detail and determine if you need to make any changes.

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