Start selling personalized products on the fly

Sell personalized products in your e-commerce, brick-and-mortar store or Shopify e-commerce.

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Engage your customers to drive sales

Bring your customers a new way to perceive, personalize, and buy across multiple channels (e-commerce, retail, embedded experiences, and more). PlatformE powers customization, personalization and digital collections for the top fashion brands in the world, increasing margins and saving companies valuable time and resources.

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One sample = hundreds of product permutations

Create your products in 3D to save money and time by avoiding massive sampling, photo shoots, and decrease product returns.

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One digital sample = 121 combinations with 4,854,528 possible compositions

Increase sales conversion with customization

Enhance consumer loyalty and satisfaction by offering your customers the opportunity to co-create unique products. Customized products make the consumers feel more connected to the brand.


MTO average order value uplift


decrease in product Return Rate


Increase In E-Commerce Engagement Rate


Costs Saved In Photography And Samples

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Customization in any e-commerce store

Simple, brandable product personalization interface for e-commerce so you can start selling customizable products on the fly.

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Engage your customers in-store

Empower your in-store sales team to engage the customers to visually customize products, get instant quotes and buy personalized products on the spot.

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PlatformE Ripe Shopify
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Customization in your Shopify store

Application to integrate MTO experience within e-commerce engines, like Shopify.

Empower your customers to make your products their own

Our powerful end-to-end MTO platform enables fashion brands to sell customizable products in real time, manage manufacturing and delivery seamlessly.

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