Sell first. Produce only what's sold.
Deliver faster.

Avoid massive sampling, photoshoots and decrease product returns by producing on-demand.

PlatformE Ecosystem

No more dead stock.

We enable fashion businesses to move to an on-demand production model, eliminating the need to keep a stock of finished products, while shortening lead times, and optimising the manufacturing and delivery of made-to-order products.

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Discover a new way of doing business.

Our services and technology streamline 3D assets enriched with metadata (e-fashion) across the value chain enabling fashion brands to create their items, sell them and only produce them after the point of purchase with constant and integrated access to their entire production chains.

PlatformE Ecosystem

Produce only what's sold,
after an order is placed.

Producing on-demand means you carry little or no inventory, as you try out thousands of style variations.


of items selling at full-price


faster turnaround from design to production


less money invested in inventory


end-of-season stock of finished goods

PlatformE Ripe Pulse
PlatformE Ripe Pulse logo

All production info. One stop shop.

Friendly dashboard to manage and monitor production status and fulfillment.

PlatformE Ripe Robin logo

Shorten the lead time between purchase and delivery.

Application for production log control, to be used at the factory floor for real-time production updates.

PlatformE Ripe Robin
PlatformE Ripe Copper
PlatformE Ripe Copper logo

Easily manage production orders and shipping.

Application for shipping control for full visibility.

Bring on-demand to life!

With our powerful end-to-end MTO platform for fashion, you can seamlessly manage on-demand production and deliver bespoke products in record time.

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