The product you intend to use for the pilot/first project (Shoe, please attach an example image)

Is the product currently being produced/sold?

Expected sales / forecast of units per month.

RRP (retail price of product)

3D&2D Requirements

A physical sample of the product (not needed now, please advise we can get a sample when needed)

Details around the different embossing rules and options (colourway, patterns)

Details around the different customization’s options and rules if any. (font changes, how many fonts)


Is your website on shopify?

If not, is your website using another E-comm solution? (Magento, salesforce)

Would the integration to our Saas be via API/SDK be an option?

Production (If needed)

‍Please send teck packs and BOM, etc and all other information needed to manufacture the product. (again not needed but will be requested if production assistance required)


In what markets will the product be sold? (Asia, Europe, US)

Shipment or Drop-shipment? – Which do you prefer?