Global Fashion Summit

“We are not doing enough”

Global Fashion Summit just started in Copenhagen. The biggest names in fashion and a group of innovators working together to make Fashion less of a dirty word, with the help of technology: smart textiles and supply chain, MTO manufacturing, blockchain, 3D and AI.

VALACLAVA NFT cyber-physical clothing

Twinning digital NFTs to physical items

PlatformE is behind a new “cyber-physical” apparel brand called Valaclava that sells customisable digital fashion as NFTs alongside physical counterparts, produced on demand.

Global Fashion Summit

PlatformE at Global Fashion Summit

PlatformE is going to be an official Exhibitor at the Innovation Forum, a curated exhibition of the most promising sustainable solution providers. Presented by Global Fashion Agenda, the leading international forum for sustainability in fashion will take place on 7-8 June 2022 in the grand setting of the Royal Opera House in Copenhagen, Denmark.

PlatformE Podcast Salsa

New podcast with Salsa's CEO

In this episode, Hugo Martins, CEO at Salsa, talks about how how the brand is creating personalized jeans with a personal touch, combining tradition and cutting-edge textile technology. Learn how Salsa, a Portuguese jeanswear brand, is selling personalized jeans with a handmade touch in this PlatformE Podcast Episode 02.

PlatformE Blog post Fashion Industry 5.0

Read the latest Industry 5.0 series blog post

In this last Industry 5.0 blog post, we explore how Industry 5.0 technologies like AI, IoT and Big Data are transforming the way we do fashion, from design to display and selling, and how these technologies can help brands be more sustainable.

E-book cover PlatformE Mass Customization

Learn from top fashion brands

We are living in a hyper-personalized age. It all comes down to the one customer. Mass customization elevates the personalization and flexibility of custom-made manufacturing to a new level of mass production. Learn with major fashion brands how to profit from mass customization.

PlatformE Ebook Mass Customization

Revolutionizing the fashion industry

PlatformE, an end-to-end platform solution accelerating Fashion’s Digital Transformation and on-demand manufacturing. By connecting the end consumer directly to the supply chain, and by producing digital twins of what used to be a physical sample, their technology massively reduces overproduction and waste.

PlatformE Visit Porto Video

Industry 5.0: a look into the future

A brief history of previous industrial revolutions and how they lead to Industry 5.0. Dives into the principal characteristics of Industry 5.0, its benefits, and how it changes the present paradigm of emphasis on technology.

Fashion unsold clothing

What fashion brands do with unsold clothing

The fashion industry produces about 150 billion garments per year, and it is estimated that 30% of it never gets sold. So, what fashion brands do with the deadstock?