E02 - Salsa: creating personalized jeans with a personal touch
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In this episode, Hugo Martins, CEO at Salsa, talks about how how the brand is creating personalized jeans with a personal touch, combining tradition and cutting-edge textile technology.

In light of the personalization trend, brands face several challenges to ensure that they are able to scale the creation, selling and manufacturing of personalized products. The use of technologies such as 3D, AR, and AI is crucial for brands who want to succeed in selling and manufacturing personalized products.

Learn how Salsa, a Portuguese jeanswear brand, is selling personalized jeans with a handmade touch in this PlatformE Podcast Episode 02.

About Salsa

Salsa was founded in 1994 in a small town in northern Portugal, right in the heart of the local textile industry.  With a creative nature and a sense of innovation, the company is dedicated to creating the best jeans in the world.

To fulfil its mission and guarantee the quality of each pair of jeans, the brand counts on its own industrial facilities (including laundry) that combine the best of technology and innovation: from laser machines to ozone washing technologies, always complemented by the expertise of its technicians and suppliers.

Guest on This Episode

Hugo Martins is CEO at Salsa

Born and raised in Porto (Portugal), Hugo Martins is leading Salsa on the journey to become the leading women jeanswear brand in the world by delivering unparalleled fit & feel.

A retail mind in a creative world, he has been in the sector for over a decade in functions ranging from strategic planning, business development, M&A and operational & digital transformation at both Salsa and Sonae (Salsa's parent group). Previous to Sonae, Hugo has had experiences in strategic consulting and private equity.  

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