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E03 - VALACLAVA: linking digital clothing to physical apparel

PlatformE Podcast brings to the stage the first-ever cyber-physical brand VALACLAVA.

VALACLAVA is the first-ever cyber-physical brand disrupting fashion by bringing gaming world narratives to real life through limited premium clothing. In this episode, we are going to talk to Lui Iaroscheki, Lead Architect at VALACLAVA about how the brand is redefining the meaning of ownership and community by connecting NFT tags to physical clothing.


VALACLAVA is a cyber-physical, stockless gamewear brand, bringing the narrattives of the gaming world to real life via premium limited clothing.Established through a process of blockchain technology and made-to-order study, Valaclava examines the codes and language of modern, luxury gamewear through the lens of innovation, community, globalization, and modernity.VALACLAVA uses cyber-physical technology to link NFT to tags on the physical garments that work as proof-of-ownership and protect authenticity of goods across markets.Garment owners will be the NFT holders of that garment, owning not only the physical garment but also its digital data, ID, and visual assets plus access to the VLCLV CLVN - granting early access to drops, virtual and IRL events, and other perks.

Guest in This Episode

Lui Iarocheski is Lead Architect at VALACLAVA

Lui is a Fashion problem-solver with 10+ years of experience within every aspect of the fashion industry. He is committed to the Digital Transformation of the apparel industry working as a Tech and 3D Apparel Ambassador.Lui is engaged in creating solutions and relevant innovations that help companies to make a positive impact, find a creative vision, or conceive products and strategies in sync with future trends. He is working to accelerate the convergence of Fashion, Gaming, and Technology to help retailers, brands, and designers to solve complex design challenges while making a better future happen for businesses, for



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