The technology platform for made-to-order and e-fashion at scale.

create your product

Our comprehensive software platform elevates the selling experience and streamlines production, providing scalability, consistency, and control over the entire made-to-order process.

3D Product Creation

Drive engagement with 3D products to increase sales. With PlatformE 3D assets your products are presented with incredible detail.

Integrated Product Configurator

Easily handle your most complex product logic, including dynamic pricing.

On-demand automation

Connect your sales channels directly with the manufacturing floor.

Full visibility

Keep track of the whole operation from demand, production to shipment.

Omnichannel experience

Sell customizable products from anywhere, on-site or website.

Supply chain

We connect your orders directly to factories, enabling you to dropship products factory to consumer.

Fashion is ripe for disruption. PlatformE's tech suite:

a suite to help you create the 3D building packages of your products with the creative rules of personalization and dynamic pricing.

simple, brandable product personalization interface for e-commerce so you can start selling customizable products on the fly.

empower your in-store sales team to engage the customers to visually customize products, get instant quotes and buy personalized products on the spot.

our friendly dashboard to manage and monitor production status and fulfillment.

an application for production log control, to be used at the factory floor for real-time production updates

shipping control for full visibility.

integrate PlatformE MTO experience within e-commerce engines, like Shopify.

a toolkit to help your business leverage a lot of the logic implementations and UX components for MTO retail experiences.

everything you need to integrate PlatformE tech stack with third parties.

how is our process



We help you set up your 3D Digital Catalog and product personalization application with rules and configurable options.



Visitors dynamically change the product and how it looks by selecting various product options.



Our technology connects demand directly to production with full visibility of the whole operation.



Your conversion rates skyrocket due to engaged visitors and standing apart from the crowd, while you eliminate stock.

how our pricing works

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schedule a call

We will start by getting a sense of your company's needs and then walk you through how the platform will help you solve your problems.

we scope your project

Following our initial call, we will give you a brief checklist to learn more about your project, including how many items you're interested in offering

we present you the best quote

We will set up a pricing meeting to go over the specifics of your quote to make sure we have covered all of your project's requirements.