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Ribeira Porto

Are you a professional in the fashion industry searching for innovative solutions to reuse unsold stock and increase sell through rate? We know just the place. In Porto you will find these advanced technological solutions in a city brimming with history, art, and culture. Porto is a magnet for new business investment, drawing in investors and professionals from all corners of the globe. Porto is the perfect city for those working in the fashion industry to mix business with pleasure. 

Ribeira Porto
Ribeira Porto


With history around every corner, Porto has so much to discover. No matter where you go, you’re sure to stumble across historic buildings and monuments. Porto’s history stretches back a thousand years, blessing it with a unique heritage unlike anywhere else in the world. The city blossomed on the hills that dominate the Douro River estuary, forming a beautiful urban landscape with a variety of civil and religious architecture from the Roman, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque and Neoclassical eras. In fact, there’s so much to discover in the historic city center that it has been officially classified as a World Heritage Site since 1996. After you’re done with your business affairs, take a leisurely walk through the cobblestone streets and rugged terrain of Porto; contemplate the old buildings, the beautiful flowerbeds, and the window displays of the small, traditional stores that are the city's true cultural heritage. 

Douro Valley Porto

The River and Ribeira

The Douro River is the beating heart of Porto, lending a vibrant energy to the city since its founding. Its lights, bridges and riverbanks offer some of Porto’s most beloved sights. Located in the historic center of Porto, Ribeira will charm you with its colorful little houses squeezed between irresistible stores and restaurants. As one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, it’s an essential place to visit. At night the Ribeira truly comes alive, offering countless bars and restaurants to enjoy!

Ribeira Porto
Porto wine Ribeira Porto

The Fabulous Wines (Especially Port)

What could be better after a long day of work than a glass of wine? If you're a wine lover, you probably already know that Portugal produces some of the best wine in the world. Porto is the gateway to the Douro Valley, which is one of the largest demarcated wine-growing regions in Europe. Wine connoisseurs will relish the opportunity to sample the local flavors. In Vila Nova de Gaia, located just across the Dom Luis Bridge, there are numerous wine cellars where you can sample different varieties. Here you will learn how Port wine is made and discover the taste and velvety texture that has made it so renowned! Sip along as you discover how wine has shaped the local landscape, and vice versa, while you enjoy the breathtaking view of Porto from the other side of the Douro River.

Porto Douro River

The Food

Portuguese gastronomy is beloved all over the world and a visit to Porto is the best way to understand exactly why that reputation is well-deserved. Because of Porto's proximity to the ocean, seafood is plentiful, fresh, and delicious. On sunny days, there are a variety of outdoor restaurants, cafés, and tapas bars offering distinctive local cuisine. The hearty "francesinha" sandwich, loaded with a variety of meats and topped with a special sauce, is Porto's signature dish, and it's ideal for refuelling after a day of sightseeing or wine tasting. If you’re feeling adventurous, you’ll find countless authentic Portuguese dishes to enjoy. No matter what you choose, you can rest assured it will be both memorable and delicious.

Francesinha traditional Porto dish
Santa Catarina Street Porto Portugal

The People

The hospitality of the people of Porto is remarkable. Their arms are always open to those who visit, with a genuine warmth that is as extraordinary as the city itself. Visiting will give you the opportunity to experience the natural comradery and lack of pretension that makes Porto so special. It's no wonder that Porto is often nominated as the Best European Destination by European Consumers Choice.

The Economy

The textile, footwear and fashion industries are currently among the main drivers of the Portuguese economy and their heart is right here in the Northern region of Portugal. The "made in Portugal" label is already synonymous with quality, innovation, and prestige, thanks to a combination of manufacturing tradition and technological investment which continues to grow. In Porto you will find the perfect combination of a city rich in culture and tradition, but with a modern outlook that embraces technology. This enticing combination makes it an attractive hub for visitors and professionals alike!

Textile Industry Porto Portugal
Fashion Factory Porto Portugal

Porto is Waiting

A trip to Porto offers fashion industry professionals a unique and authentic Portuguese experience, where much of the city's traditions, culture and magnificent architecture remain untouched by modern influences. And its rich history is still being written, driven by innovation and technological and industrial investment.

Join the professionals who are writing Porto’s next chapter!

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