PlatformE powers at scale customization, personalization and digital collections across industries, while promoting sustainability and revolutionizing the way brands capitalize on inventory with made-to-order (MTO). We have created technological modules that can resonate with each specific client. Our end-to-end platform streamlines e-fashion (3D product creation) across the entire value chain, from multiple points-of-sale all the way to manufacturing, orchestrating on-demand production.

Our technology has been developed - and is constantly being enhanced - to help brands overcome the challenge of selling made-to-order custom products, boost on-demand production and implement a successful digital strategy.

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Customization in any e-commerce store

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Sell and produce customized products on-demand with our powerful end-to-end MTO platform. We help you to manage manufacturing and delivery seamlessly.
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Extending from the factory to the final customer, PlatformE supports retail managers, customer care, production directors and others, by defining standards and processes to be used across all value chains. From the transformation of raw materials and components into a finished product that is delivered to the end consumer, PlatformE is there every step of the way.

Additionally, PlatformE supports marketing activities with new ways to obtain visual photo-realistic assets, enabling the creation of digital collections and showrooms, promotional videos, and other marketing media assets.