Let's stop overproduction.

Personalization and customization for a better customer experience, less waste, less returns.

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Your brand. On demand.

Create. Sell. Produce.

3D, customization and on-demand manufacturing to improve sustainability and optimize inventories.


3D as a Service via 3D Digital Product Creation with the highest level of quality for consumer-facing experiences.

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Tech Ecosystem

Solutions to streamline e-fashion across the value chain - orchestrate orders, production and distribution.

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Supply Chain

A global network of digital-ready factories that are able to produce fashion on-demand in record time.

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Technology that brings made-to-order to life!

Connecting demand directly to production allowing your brand to sell customized products at full price while eliminating dead stock.


order added value for personalized product experiences


faster turnaround from design to production


traceability and visibility of production status


cheaper to launch


less on carbon footprint



Boost your brand with

Sell customizable products on the fly. Increase the number of products sold at full price and decrease product returns.

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Add value to your products with 3D

We create hyperrealistic 3D images of your products so you can sell in your e-commerce or use in marketing campaigns without producing a single sample.

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Grow your sales conversion with customization

Sell customized products in your e-commerce, brick-and-mortar store or Shopify e-commerce.

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Increase your sell through rate

Increase the number of products sold at full price and avoid wasting money and material by producing on-demand.

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Discover 5 brands profiting from mass customization

Learn how to profit from mass customization with major fashion brands

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Do it yourself

Let your customers fall in love with your products. Empower them to make your products their own.

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PlatformE Podcast

How unspun delivers custom-fit jeans on-demand

In this debut episode of PlatformE Podcast, Brooke McEver, Director of Product Innovation at unspun, talks about how unspun, a robotics and digital apparel company, is building custom jeans for each consumer, on demand.
July 11, 2022
Sustainable Materials: A Better Future for Fashion

Fashion has a sustainability problem. Fortunately, development has already begun on numerous sustainable alternatives to solve this dilemma.

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May 18, 2022
Industry 5.0 technologies revolutionizing fashion

The third post of the Industry 5.0 series dives into how Industry 5.0 technologies like AI, IoT, and Big Data can help brands be more sustainable.

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February 24, 2022
Industry 5.0: The Future of Manufacturing Has Arrived

The third Industry 5.0’ blog post series addresses how new technologies are shaping the manufacturing process, the role of humans in it and what it brings to the industry.

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January 25, 2022
Industry 5.0: The Bespoke Future of Production

The second post of the Industry 5.0 series dives into the shift from mass production into mass customization, and highlights its challenges and benefits.

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