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Elevate customer engagement, foster brand loyalty and maximize business potential.

Tap into the potential of limitless customisation.

Boost profitability by selling at full price, elevating margins, and by eliminating dead-stock

Revitalize your inventory with the power of personalization.

Seamless integration made easy with public API/SDK libraries.

Gain access to innovative and scalable technology-driven solutions.

Full data orchestration system with
end-to-end capabilities

Integrate all of your sales channels with production facilities so you
can produce and deliver personalized products in record time

Dynamic Digital Twin with data logic
Custom POS interfaces for personalization
On-demand order management system

Benefit from the potential of personalization

Descrease in product return for personalized products.
Costs saved in photography
and samples.
Less on carbon footprint.
Increase in customer
engagement and loyalty.

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Dynamic digital Twins

Make your products stand out

From personalization of different textures, lights and shapes to customisation of different parts, materials and colors, elevate your product imaging with 2D or 3D digital assets. Our technology creates amazingly realistic digital twins enriched with metadata, enabling you to establish creative rules and dynamic pricing for various markets, countries and clients.

Custom POS integration

Streamline your personalization offer

Maximize personalization with our tech toolkit (API/SDK) to create engaging product experiences. Easily integrate all your points of sale with our API and SDK and start selling exclusive personalized fashion articles online and in physical stores. Display thousands of product combinations without the need for sampling and costly photoshoots.

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MTO order management System

Connect sales to production and manage orders easily

Leverage a streamlined order management system that connects all your sales channels to production in real time. Access a dashboard with all order information where you can set production rules, gain full visibility into the production stage and instantly communicate with the factory via chat. Maintain complete control over the entire process to ensure that each order efficiently meets customers’ expectations.

Embrace the customisation revolution


Tailor made production reports

Effectively communicate to production facilities how customized products should look like, so that both clients and factories can receive all details of the customized product, avoiding errors and numerous iterations.

Leverage our integration with courier services

Fast and easy shipment update. Delivering on demand made simple.

Include your own QR codes or barcodes in orders

Streamline processes by enriching the order information.


Modular architecture that provides flexibility

With Custom, you can get an end-to-end solution or just the modules that you need.

Customisation query

Our customisation query is attainable on-demand and can be used for any sort of target marketing purpose and emails to engage with customers and make them feel unique.

Share email notification

Effortless customisable templates to share with customers, partners or other stakeholders. And freedom to set notification rules depending on order status or product type fostering more transparency through the customer journey.


Digitally assess production quality standards

Through the order management system, exchange chat messages and photos with factories to ensure that your product meets quality standards and customer expectations.


Your questions answered.

What is Custom?

Custom is a modular end-to-end solution that enables fashion brands to show off 3D or 2D digital twins of their products on multiple POS, empowering final customers to customize and personalize those products. It comprehends a made-to-order Order Management System to track orders and integrate with manufacturers and couriers, ensuring quality standards and seamless deliveries.

Does PlatformE manufacture fashion goods?

No. We are a technological company that, among other software,  provides digital tools to connect fashion brands with manufacturers. The business model can be either to mass produce models or to produce personalized goods on demand.

Does Custom include a way to tell factories what customized items they should produce?

Yes. Our Order Management System includes detailed reports of each customized product, so manufacturers have precise instructions on what personalized and customized goods should look like.

How can brands start producing made-to-order products?

Brands can choose any product on their portfolio and decide what can be customized - from choosing the color of the sleeves on a shirt, to inserting initials or names on a handbag or to allowing different materials and colors on a pair of shoes, the options are endless. After setting up the digital purchasing experience, we have the tools to help your brand communicate with suppliers every single detail of the customized products, so the manufacture process and delivery are seamless.

Is PlatformE a 3D agency?

No. Our technology makes use of 3D and/or 2D assets in order to deliver customisation and personalization experiences to final customers on any POS.

Does Custom include a way to deliver customized products to final clients?

Yes. Our Order Management System is integrated with major couriers than can make deliveries to your clients.

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