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Boost productivity, reduce
time-to-market, and unleash Revenue Potential.

Thrive your fashion potential and achieve success.

Minimize physical samples, fight overstocks and enhance transparency.

Lead the sustainability in fashion.

Access easily, integrate effortlessly and scale globally in a seamless way

Address multiple fashion industry challenges using only one single software.

Design in Real Time, Collaborate Seamlessly and Make Informed Decisions.

Bridging the gap between suppliers, brands, retailers and creators.

Creative Empowerment
Enhanced Collaboration
Sustainable Sourcing
Brand Differentiation
Live data
Time and Cost Savings
Direct Factory Interaction
Direct Factory Interaction
Brand Differentiation
Enhanced Collaboration
Creative Empowerment
Sustainable Sourcing
Live data
Time and Cost Savings

Unleashing the power of RealTime

Accuracy improvement on demand forecasting with advanced analytics.
Reduction on excess inventory with predictive analytics.
Reduction in lead times by using digital tools and platforms to connect suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers.
Increase in supply chain efficiency with digitized supply chains.

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Design and showcase studio

Create, manage, and showcase your fashion designs

Easily navigate through pre-validated manufacturability options, combining various materials, colors and garment constructions. Create a digital collection that can be shared with everyone for immediate feedback and approval.

Real-time and dynamic data

Make informed decisions with real-time data

Get updated information on lead times and prices for garments instantly. You can access cost estimations before ordering, collaborate with suppliers to adjust quotes, access product and materials availabilities and optimize production for better workflow.

Chat and order placement

Communicate effortlessly with your fashion partners

Experience the ease of a single chat where you can engage in clear discussions, request samples, and manage orders. Track your order history with personalized reports and gain better control over your decision-making process. Stay in the loop with real-time production updates.

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Curated collections tailored to each client

Curate custom design collections, showcasing your unique creations internally for approval and sharing them with potential buyers, each customized to their specific preferences and requirements.

Foster partnerships

A multi-sided platform with instant chat, where you can seamlessy collaborate with suppliers, brands, retailers and creators sharing exclusive details and opportunities for mutual growth.

Streamline operations with integrations

Connect easily RealTime with your existing management systems for optimized workflow efficiency.

Samples and order placement

With just one click brands can request quotes for samples and orders, suppliers can quickly and digitally reply supported by order history and then RealTime will easily integrate with other softwares to follow into production.


Tailor search for the perfect match

Our search tool enables suppliers to fine-tune design descriptions, ensuring seamless discovery for buyers' unique preferences and needs.

Instant visibility on stocks

Easy and visual access to existent materials, fabrics, trims and dead-stock. Designers can rely on this information to make decisions aligned with their goals, whether these are related to efficiency, sustainability or fast-to-market response.

Dynamic pricing and predictive costing

Customize and create your garment with real-time pricing estimations, enabling you to make informed decisions for budget optimizations and reducing the need for extensive back-and-forth communication.


Empower designers and create endless possibilities

Craft countless digital designs, with access to comprehensive information ranging from manufacturer restrictions and existing libraries to dynamic pricing and stock availability. All through a user-friendly platform that elevates designers' productivity.


Your questions answered.

What is RealTime?

RealTime is an all-in-one platform that enables fashion brands to design, manage, and produce garments efficiently.

Can I customize the configurator for each garment?

Yes, you have full control to customize the configurator for each garment in your collection, offering a unique experience to buyers.

What is the benefit of using the quoting feature?

The quoting feature offers several advantages. Firstly, brands can get an estimation of garment costs before placing an order, making informed decisions. Additionally, it facilitates effective communication between brands and suppliers, allowing them to agree on adjustments to price, lead time, and production details. This fosters a streamlined and collaborative approach to ordering, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

Is there a way to track the status of my orders?

RealTime sends real-time production updates through notifications, keeping you informed of your order's progress.

How do I set up my designs for searchability?

Suppliers can define detailed descriptions and relevant tags for their designs, making them easily searchable for potential buyers.

How can I create a new collection?

To create a new collection, navigate to the "Collections" tab and click on "New Collection." From there, you can add designs and variants.

How does RealTime help streamline communication with suppliers?

RealTime provides a built-in chat feature that allows brands and suppliers to communicate directly and make adjustments to orders seamlessly.

Can I interact with suppliers to optimize production timelines?

Yes, you can collaborate with suppliers to ensure efficient production schedules, reducing lead time and minimizing delays.

Can I curate my own designs to showcase to buyers?

Absolutely, you can create collections and curate designs that best represent your brand and display them to potential buyers.

Can I collaborate with other brands and offer them special prices?

Yes, RealTime offers collaboration tools that allow you to share specific designs and offer special pricing to partnering brands.

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