Orchestrate on-demand

We connect demand directly to production by combining our 3 pillars of expertise: e-fashion (3D product creation), core technology (tech ecosystem), and supply chain. We empower brands by providing them with the technology to solve inventory excess by flipping traditional mass-production models into customer-centric solutions.  

3D artistry

Our highly skilled team of 3D artists will work to enhance your product catalogue with 3D artistry, so you can generate thousands of gorgeous images with millions or even billions of potential configurations in real-time. Get luxurious 3D images that show every angle and detail of your product with stunning hyper-realism.

Make it personal

On top of that, we’ll help you to sell personalized products on the fly and manage the manufacturing and delivery with our powerful end-to-end MTO platform. You can save money and time by avoiding massive sampling, photoshoots and decrease product returns.

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3D Product Creation

We deliver hyper-realistic 3D images and animations with the highest level of quality for consumer-facing retail experiences. On top of that, we’ll support you in creating, planning and executing a bulletproof digital strategy.

  • 3D Modeling

  • Texturing and Rendering (Hard & Soft goods)

  • Digital Material Scanning (Material Libraries)

The beauty of a true-to-life 3D product is that once it exists it can be used in many ways.

Reduce sampling costs by 80% and speed up production

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Tech Suite
We have created a powerful architecture of technology, systems, and processes. Using our technology platform, we streamline 3D digital assets enriched with metadata across the value chain - from product configuration to our software stack - orchestrating ordering, production, and logistics.

As our name suggests: we act as a platform, bringing together brands, retailers, factories, and consumers.
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Supply Chain

Closing the loop by bringing the purchased e-fashion into the physical realm through certified manufacturers, we make the on-demand operation possible within an automated, frictionless, and secure platform.

‍We support our clients by connecting them to the best factories to produce a specific product on-demand which is then sent directly to the final consumer via dropshipping.
MTO Platform

Core proprietary technologies and processes that link fulfillment and manufacturing down to the factory floor and shipping.

Digital-savvy factories

We count on a global network of digital-ready factories that are able to produce fashion on-demand in record time.

PlatformE supply chain digital-savvy factories

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The factory of the future

PlatformE and Houspring have partnered to build the factory of the future in the North of Portugal. The concept factory will be able to produce shoes and other fashion goods on a large scale within a short time frame, setting the standard for an efficient and profitable on-demand production model that can be easily replicated and implemented.

The factory is designed to employ artificial intelligence and automated technology that optimizes the use of natural resources and raw materials at every stage of the manufacturing process.
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