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How digital twins are disrupting fashion ecommerce & marketing

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Many industries are taking a step forward in their digital transformation by embracing the use of digital twins. Companies can now market their products in many creative ways thanks to hyper-realistic digital representations of their products, allowing them to market their products long before they need to physically produce them.
The architecture, furniture, and automotive industries have already benefited from this. Now it is fashion's turn to capitalize on the digital twins.

What are digital twins?

Digital twins are highly accurate digital representations of real-life physical objects or systems. They go beyond static 3D models by incorporating data from multiple sources, enabling a comprehensive understanding of the object's current state, behavior, and potential future scenarios.

By using 3D models, brands can create high-quality true-to-life images, videos, and even interactive experiences. Games, virtual reality, augmented reality, and animation are on the rise and they all require digital twins.

“The 3D rendering market is expected to reach more than $6 billion by 2025.”
— Study published on by Global Insights, Inc.

The magic of Digital Twins

The use of digital twins to create animation has become an increasingly popular form of marketing. It is clear that digital twins have a substantial impact on marketing and profitability for virtually any business. Once created, digital twins can be used in many creative ways. These virtual replicas offer endless possibilities for businesses and industries to innovate, optimize operations, and enhance customer experiences.

Digital Product Creation: Material Scan 3D Models & Prototypes

When creating hyperrealistic digital twins for your e-commerce and marketing needs, you need to utilize material scanning and 3D modeling techniques to capture intricate details and textures, bringing your products to life in the digital realm. These hyperrealistic digital twins offer customers an immersive visual experience, allowing them to explore products from every angle and make confident purchase decisions.

Digital Product Sampling: Streamline and Sustainable Buying Experience

In today's digital era, businesses can revolutionize the buying experience by embracing digital product sampling. This approach eliminates the need for physical samples and the associated logistical challenges, saving both materials and financial resources. By providing digital packshots, digital merchandising, and virtual product sampling, companies empower buyers to initiate the purchasing process efficiently and sustainably.

Digital Product Selling: Waste-Free Made-to-Order and Compelling Marketing Campaigns

Businesses can revolutionize their selling approach by adopting waste-free made-to-order practices. By offering customers the option to customize and personalize their purchases, companies can minimize waste while providing unique and tailored products. Additionally, leveraging captivating videos and animations for marketing campaigns adds an extra layer of engagement and allure to attract and retain customers.

Taking full advantage of digital twins

4 steps to boost your brand with digital twins:

1. Give your customers more information

Include 3D visualizations in your marketing strategy to provide your customers with a more comprehensive view of your product. This way, you allow your customers not only to view a picture of your product, but also to move it side-to-side, up-and-down, or in any other direction and play with it.

Including 3D visualizations in your marketing strategy will provide your customers with a more comprehensive view of your product. This way, you allow your customers not only to view a picture of your product, but also to move it side-to-side, up-and-down, or in any other direction and play with it.

Additionally, you can incorporate interactive innovations like allowing users to try or personalize your products virtually, enriching their online experience even more.

2. Better engage your customers with your product

Attract the attention of every customer, immersing them in the actual experience of the product! A customer who is fully immersed in the product would be more likely to make a purchase than from a competitor who does not offer the same experience. When the customer feels fully immersed, they're more likely to get involved and trust the brand, converting them into loyal customers.

3. Get more customers with AR features

The use of rich media allows users to interact with the product, which creates a more personalized experience - another feature that consumers seek in marketing. As retailers embrace 3D visualizations, adding augmented reality feature to your online shop will help you stand out from your competitors and increase sales.

4. Add value to your products with digital twins

With digital twins, goods can be accurately modeled. Designs can be tailored to the smallest details, adding value to your product. Consequently, your customers are likely to be willing to spend more money with them.

A significant amount of money is no longer spent on physical sampling and product photography when your create virtual samples.

5. Enhance Personalization through Dynamic Digital Twins

In the context of personalization, dynamic digital twins are used to create highly customized and interactive digital representations of products. These digital twins can be manipulated in real-time, allowing consumers to visualize and explore various personalization options before making a purchase decision.

PlatformE Bridging the Gap between Digital Twins and Personalization

Custom POS Interface for Personalization

PlatformE is an innovative technology solution that empowers fashion brands to create and manage made-to-order, personalized products at scale. By leveraging digital twins, brands offer a unique and interactive 3D personalization experience that revolutionizes the way consumers engage with fashion.

Digital twins are playing a transformative role in the fashion industry with its immersive, real-time 3D personalization experience. Bringing your product to life, our technology has the ability to reproduce and simulate curved letters, textures, light, and shapes with hyper-realism, delivering a true-to-life eye-catching product image.

We have gone even further, we have created dynamic digital twins. It's PlatformE's secret sauce! Our exclusive technology creates amazingly realistic digital twins enriched with metadata so you can set creative rules and dynamic pricing. PlatformE enables fashion brands to deliver truly personalized products that resonate with their customers. As the demand for personalization continues to grow, digital twins will undoubtedly play an increasingly important role in shaping the future of fashion.