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How to Succeed with Mass Customization in E-commerce

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eCommerce is a fast-evolving industry that is adding strength through trends like mass customization. In the digital world, there are more and more B2B and B2C business ventures. For any company to stand out, it is important to provide their customers with a catalyst that not only connects them with the brand, but also helps them retain their identity.

Customized products are in increasing demand, according to a study. Over 25-30% of participants express interest in obtaining custom products. As a result, companies have a great option for initiating mass customization. In addition, the statistics show that three customers out of every ten have already established their design preferences. Also, shoppers who have not chosen custom-made products are quite likely to do so in the future.

Therefore, in the following blog post, we will cover details so you can consider this amazing concept of mass customization and use it to help increase your company's sales: 

What is mass customization?

Mass customization is in fact quite a powerful business concept. A variety of brands are embracing it today. Often, the concept is applied to marketing strategies for services and products to gain more recognition.

Mass customization, by definition, refers to blending flexibility and personalization in the production of custom made goods. As a result, you will be able to reach a higher level of mass production; this will result in lower unit costs. The concept of mass customization targets several different groups of mass-market consumers rather than just targeting a single segment. In software, for instance, this concept is used to add certain features. This concept is commonly referred to as "build to order" or "made to order".

lining of shoes in different collors red orange yellow and green
Over 25-30% of customers express interest in obtaining custom products.

Mass customization are intended to achieve what goals?

The purpose of mass customization is to create individually tailored products, which reduce the cost, increase the volume, and increase the efficiency of mass production. Among the goals of mass customization are:

  • Integrate customers in product configuration
  • Develop modular designs  configurations
  • Streamlining supply chain management
  • Making the system more efficient for flexible manufacturing
  • Creating a better brand identity
  • Giving the customer a relatability factor
  • Decrease return rate

Why is mass customization a good idea?

Mass customization has several pros, including: 

  • Higher retention of customers because they are able to tailor the product to their own preferences and needs. 
  • Identity is maintained while customization is enhanced. 
  • This can also reduce the amount of inventory you have to store. 
  • After you set up the production process, you can deliver customer satisfaction literally in every package.
  • The custom products can be priced higher, and only the initial investment costs are higher - but this guarantees high profits.
  • Taking full advantage of the technological backbone of today's times, the flexibility of today's software and systems will definitely assist with high customization of orders too, and that too with utmost ease.
PlatformE RIPE White Platform or Fashion Customization
PlatformE Ripe White, brandable product personalization interface for e-commerce.

What role does the digital industry play in mass customization?

For companies to meet their personalization demands, advanced software technologies are becoming increasingly important. Customers of electronic devices are demanding more customization than the products they are currently available in.

In a poll conducted by U.S. News & World Report, less than one third of customers said that brands are at the moment meeting customer expectations. However, you do not have to be one of these brands! Due to the range of digital tools available to you, all you need to do is set up your warehouse to meet the needs of quick personalization required by your customers.

Businesses that understand their customers' behavior are continuously evolving the way they perform their processes. Manufacturing equipment is being integrated with the point-of-sales via automation software. This adds speed to prototyping and makes production runs at low quantities possible!

Developing agile software can help to compress development time when using digital manufacturing tools. The aim of PlatformE’s products is to accelerate the information lead-time, so your manufacturing floor has the information in real time when a customer makes an order.

To take advantage of this technology, your manufacturing processes must be attuned to digital productization. To attain mass consumption, digital practices and digital transformation are your best bets.

Where should mass customization sales be conducted?

When it comes to eCommerce mass customization, using a platform that allows for easy customization is ideal. When online ordering and customer interaction becomes digital and easy to manage, your concern is in automating your inventory and manufacturing processes. The following features are among the most important to look for in terms of mass customization: 

  • Your orders and products can be uploaded on an unlimited basis without requiring a lot of manual work
  • You can easily manage your online mass customization sales with a dashboard. 
  • Make sure you choose a platform that doesn't sell its own brand on your products.
  • Mobile responsiveness is quite important in today's day and age since most consumers use their phones to complete their shopping. 
  • You can customize the product easily. A customer should, for example, have the option of changing the design, the color, or the texture, if they wish.
  • There should be enough detailed options in the product to satisfy the experts.
  • Viewers should get an idea of what the product is like with a complete 3D view. Virtuality has become closer to reality than ever before in today's world, so it is best to give your consumers access to a view that is as real as possible. 

These are just a few of the advantages mass customization can provide. We strongly recommend that if you have the right options and choices, you try your hand at mass customization, as it is a surefire way to increase sales and build stronger connections with your consumers. Besides that, who doesn't like the great feeling of seeing their customer's face light up while they know they are increasing revenue?

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